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    Top10 Reasons Why Photovoltaic Solar Energy Is Worth It Is it worth to use photovoltaic solar energy? YES! For this, there are good reasons. A solar PV system does not consume, but it gives back. This is fantastic. You invest and in return solar power is given back, every day, as long as the sun is shining. The photovoltaic solar energy is green energy for the house. The electricity does not come from any nuclear or coal-fired power stations at a distance of 100 km; it comes from your roof. Here are the Top 10 reasons, why you should say “Yes” to photovoltaic solar energy: 1) Onsite power generation and supply The electricity produced comes from the roof of your house, so it does not need to cover long distances. Cable losses are extremely low. The solar panel system = your local energy supplier. 2) Unlimited renewable energy source The sun shines every day whether it is behind clouds or not. The solar energy is available in unlimited quantities every day. Regenerative and always reusable, in this way the solar PV system produces your electricity every day. 3) Free renewable energy source Free unlimited daily photovoltaic solar energy. The sun rays strike the photovoltaic solar cells, and electricity is produced, and you do not have to pay anything! There is no bill sent from above. The sun rays are there, and they bring you electricity. 4) To be an example to others With your own small solar panel system, you are an example to the next generation, because green power ensures a more environmentally-friendly future for our children. 5) A secure, clean future The investment in photovoltaic solar energy has a future. Moreover, today, without using renewable energy sources it will not work. Whoever produces green electricity, contributes to a secure, clean future. 6) Save money on your electricity bill The power consumption remains the same every year, but the price rises. With photovoltaic solar energy, the electricity bill will be lower at the end of the year. 7) Photovoltaic solar energy increases the value of your property With photovoltaic solar energy, the price of your house increases and thus the solar panel system offers true added value! 8) Independence of energy supplier Who would say no, to finally being free of their energy supplier? If you produce your own power, you have moved some way towards independence. 9) Environmentally friendly A solar PV system consumes very little energy. The only one component, which works in the system, is the solar power inverter. In the morning, it needs a small amount of energy to start up, but as soon as the sun has risen, the electricity is produced but not consumed. 10) Solar panel system needs low-maintenance A solar panel system requires minimal maintenance and very little attention. When the sun rises, the electricity comes until it goes down again. Every day!
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